Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mom 1: Stairs 0

McMillers were at IKEA this weekend, doing a little updating to Erin's play area.  Erin was chillin' in the Ergo, close to Mom, Brian was on the stairs below.  Mom's footing got loose, and in slow motion Erin and Mom started a tumble-trajectory down the stairs.  Some innate, primal survival mechanism kicked in and Mom hurled herself backwards, crumpling her body on the stairs, pulling Erin safely atop her belly. While minimal damage occured, both Erin and Mom were shaken and quiet for the next 20 minutes.  Three days later, just a few marks on Mom's leg linger to tell the tale. 

Human bodies are quite resilient. 


John Judy said...

"fell down the stairs"

Right.... Shannon "falls down the stairs" all the time.

Amber said...

Holy sh#@, that looks like it hurt. Must have been quite scary and could have been so much worse. I know so many moms who have fallen with their babes in their arms (or Ergos) but none of the little ones were ever injured. Primal instinct is right.

This is one more thing that I'm impressed you managed to keep secret during our dessert outing. That and the fact that your anniversary was the VERY NEXT DAY! Sheesh... what else are you hiding??? :) Happy Belated Anniversary!

Is Mr. B feeling better?

Zozopdx said...

OH NO! it's so scary, isn't it? and the ergo really throws you off--it's so much harder to catch yourself. I'm glad no one was seriously hurt, but what a bruise!!!

Christie said...

OUCH. That looks like it f---ing hurt. I'm glad the mothering instincts kicked in and propelled in the right direction, even if those bruises were the end result.

J&C said...

We're so glad that Mom and Erin are ok. What a scare.

Mary said...

Oh, Ash! I'm so sorry but glad you are relatively okay. I've had one big fall down the stairs with baby in arms*. So scary!

Good that Brian was there, but extra sucky that it happened in public!

*I've also fallen while running, while sleeping and down rock stairs while 7 months pregnant.

amycs said...

oh crap, that sounds terrible. I fell walking in to work at the crack of dawn on Wed and was proud that I didn't spill my coffee. I only hope that I could protect my daughters as well as I did my coffee.