Sunday, November 23, 2008


Auntie Tina observed on Friday that Erin is a fancy girl. Yes, she is. Not only does she enjoy purses, shoes and hats, she now knows all about jewelry.

Here she is modeling her beads and pearl bracelet. Yes, a real pearl bracelet. (Thank you, Laurel and family)

And here she is wearing her favorite piece, a plastic ring she slips on and off her wrist. She wore it tonight for 3 hours and protested when we tried to take it off.

She is her mother's Grammy's granddaughter for sure!


Zatoichi said...

Benny is similarly attracted to accessories. Shoes, earrings, scarves, you name it. Is it a baby thing or a girl thing? Either way it's cute as heck.

Christina said...

She IS so fancy!!! What a beauty!

Sara said...

Look at that red hair!