Saturday, November 15, 2008

Like a champ, people!

Almost three weeks ago, Erin decided to walk.

So, finally, here we have video proof for you. It's so true that kids grow up quickly. I feel like she's trying to tell me each and every day: "I am not a baby! I am a short person!"

People who are not grandparents can feel free to call it quits after the first eight seconds. Of historical note: the rocking chair she so gracefully climbs into used to belong to me as a child.

Videography by Ms. A


Christie said...

Like a super champ! Obama is clearly going to want this short person on his administration. Might be time to cleanse the blog of any "embarrassing" details, photos, videos, and the like so there's no trouble during the vetting process.

Also, great videography work. :)

Amber said...

I especially love how she pauses when she hits the grate. That can't feel good on bare feet. And I'm happy to know that if I request a certain video, you'll post it the next day. I'll think about what I want next and get back to you! :)

John Judy said...

Having seen Erin today, I will testify that she is both short and a person. And cute.

Zatoichi said...

Nice job E-girl! What a great clip! Nice camerawork, Ms. A!