Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Swedes Must Have Very Good Aim


Brian, a man with full bladder.
Erin, a baby whose long-term memory will thankfully not develop for quite a while. At least that's what I'm hoping.

Setting: A bathroom. Evening. Preparing for a walk. Erin strapped into the BabyBjörn ("Björninated", in McMiler-speak).

Act I, Scene I
Enter Brian. He stands in front of the toilet and begins to pee, only then realizing that that a red-haired baby is blocking his view.

"Uh, E., can you... uh... can you take a look for me? Am I getting anywhere near the bowl?"

(amused silence)


J&C said...

This is why they developed targets for young boys to take aim at in the toilet. Women probably designed them after they have recall from being in their father's Baby Bjorn's as infants and then realizing that their granddaughters would be in the same Baby Bjorn's. Does this make sense or is it too late to be analyzing this???

Christie said...

You should contact the company to see about getting a kickback for the idea of using the Baby Björn to hold baby whilst peeing. That's not a marketing ploy I've seen from them yet.

amy said...

Brian, I feel for you. I have had to use the facilities with a Bjorninated baby on an airplane and in public restrooms. I gotta tell you that it's not much easier for a female. But it is a great quad workout to squat over a toilet with a Bjorninated baby. In the Smithstanza house, we refer to such activities as "extreme parenting."