Monday, March 31, 2008

Bad milk or bad bottle?

***Caution: This post contains graphic information about exchange of bodily fluids***

Brian fed Erin a bottle this weekend, she was rejecting it.  Wondering what could be the cause, the ever-vigilant dad took a swig.
B: Uuuuggghhh!  Ash, how old is this milk?  
A: I just pumped it this morning.

Apparently heating the bottle gave the milk a very chemical-y, metalic taste. So, to be sure he didn't have defective taste buds, Brian requested a second opinion.  But who should one turn to at a time like this?

"Uh, Dave?" asked a sheepish Brian on the phone. "Can you come over here and taste Ash's milk?"
And so the tasting began.
They cautiously sipped a modest amount of the offending milk left in a bottle.  Then they tasted a bit freshly pumped.  Yes, there was an off-taste in the first milk tasted.  Yes, we give these heated bottles 4x/day to our little girl at daycare. 

What we've learned in the intervening hours between the taste-test and this post is that clear, shatter-proof bottles such as the ones on the left leach a substance BPA into food after repeated use of the bottle.  BPA mimics estrogen and has been linked to, among other things, changes to the genital tract, early onset of puberty, insulin resistance, and cancer.  The bottle type on the right is a different plastic that does not leach BPA.  Needless to say, we are changing bottles.  Also, Dave B. is a very, very good friend.


Zozopdx said...

I think our new bottles said they are BPA free? sheesh.

Christie said...

So which goes better with Oreos?

And has mom ever tasted the goods?

J&C said...

Oh my, I'm so glad you found this out. And, what a story....hooray for you and for your very, very, very good friend Dave!! Now how come the two grandma's have pink eye and you don't????

John Judy said...

The middle picture, in light of the context, is now the most awesome thing I've seen today.

Also, baby bottles that turn toxic?!!!??!!! DUDE WTF?!

Brian said...

PARDON MY FRENCH, but I'd really you to see how I feel about htis.

I'd like to stress how totally fucking horrible these bottles taste. It makes me so angry, that we've been giving Erin these bottles that taste like fucking poison.

I mean, BPAs, no BPAs, whatever. The bottom line is that these bottles are to a point where they don't have just an "off-taste". They taste like plastic, burning metal, awful. It's not just something that tastes bad -- it's a taste that coats your mouth and doesn't go away for half an hour. It's a taste that makes me sick to my stomach.

Ms. A said...

Oh, for the record, I concur. The taste is terrible. However, the untainted product - delish. Sweet, creamy, quite decadent. Not only the perfect food, a really tasty one too. Much like melted ice cream. Mmmm. Ice cream.

J&C said...

So, how about glass?? Or, do they make them that way anymore?

Kathleen said...

ok I'm pretending I didn't read about the milk-sharing because, ick.

A good friend of mine works on these toxics issues for Environment California. Like this
I had thought I had sent you some of her info, guess not. Anyhoo, you're not bad parents and let me know and I'll get some more info from her. She is - obviously - very up on these issues. And has a baby of her own!

cheers - love ya.