Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Central Bottom Incisors

There you have it, folks. Look closely and you can see the cause of much recent discomfort for our little lady - two little white slivers of teeth poking through.

Oh, and documentation of her nightly indignation at being put into pajamas. No, seriously. She wails every night about the PJ thing. It's cute because it's predictable.


Mary said...

Watch out for those things! The first bite is a shocker!

Christie said...

Teethies! We still have Gummy McGee over here. And methinks Henry be a touch jealous 'bout that.

Amber said...

I can totally see them. It's amazing how fast those little chompers grow in once they break the skin. I'll keep my fingers crossed for Ms. A's sake that Erin's not a biter!

And I can't believe you make her wear pajamas when she clearly doesn't want to. Sheesh.

Ms. A said...

Yeah, I know. Our free-spirited little nudist will have to wait until it's a tad warmer before she can wander freely in the good ol' birthday suit. I can't wait. Mama loves her some nekkid bebes.

Any anti-biting advice is gladly accepted.

Amber said...

What always worked for me was to jump 5 feet into the air the first time any of the kids bit me (involuntarily of course)... it always scared them so much they were hesitant to do it again. It still gives me pause to see that mouth full of teeth coming at me. Yikes.

Amy said...

Yelling "OOOOOWWWWWW!" at the top of your lungs while you jump 5 feet into the air also works. Also involuntary. Then you can cry together while you both recover from the shock.

Are we scaring you too much? My girls tended to "bite" more when they were teething than after they had teeth.