Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm a big person now!

Says Erin: "Oh Boy! I'm in my fancy Swedish high chair, sitting at the big person's table. I'm a big girl now."
"Now if I can only figure out how this thing works...."


Amber said...

Has she had any food in that there bowl yet? Get ready to triple the amount of laundry you do!

And if you go with cereal, be sure to have some prunes on hand, just in case.

Amy said...

If it weren't after her bedtime, I'd walk over to your house right now just to squeeze the cuteness out of her!!!! I can barely stand it. Even with all the amazing cuteness at my house, I just will never get used to it.

Ms. A said...

Nope, no food. Just letting her join us at the table. We did try a "trial run" of mom milk in the spoon and it was abundantly clear she's not ready yet. The little tongue just kept pushing everything the wrong way, creating a mess entirely on her front. That was pretty funny too.

Christie said...

Fraulein E.B. looks absolutely perfect in her little chair!

(They are growing up so fast, aren't they?)