Monday, March 17, 2008

Fast Times at SE Stephens!

A busy weekend for our little lass.  Some highlights:

+ Turning 5 months old.
+ Engaging in extended playtime with M. Henry dressed solely in their skivvies - amusing for parents and children alike.  The event was punctuated with good wine, food, and expert documentation. 
+ Cutting her first tooth (handled with much drool and aplomb.) The second is close behind.
+ Morning playtime with M. Alex and Mme. Lucy (not pictured) while Mom and Dad ran a race. 
+ A first kiss (She digs older men too, apparently!)


Mary said...

Alex heard he had some competition for Erin's affection, so he broke out some of his suave moves. We asked about this Henry fellow and Erin said, "We're just friends." She failed to mention naked playdates.

Soon Alex will be teaching Erin how to get in all kinds of trouble, including climbing onto (then jumping off) the furniture. Watch out!

Ms. A said...

UPDATE: Tooth #2 popped through sometime between Sunday and Monday afternoon. Goodbye toothless grin, hello lil' chompers!