Monday, August 26, 2013

Random pictures from August 26, 2013.

Started the morning with a little microscopy.  We picked this up on Sunday at a garage sale for $5.  It needed a light source, so bought a clip-on booklight at the dollar store.  We spent lots of time looking at whatever little particle we could find - onion skin, paintbrush hair, cheek scraping, quarters.  Total score. 

Then onto Costco for lunch.  Hotdogs (Robin eats the entire foot-long by herself) and pizza.

Then met up with some cousins for picnic and bike riding in the park.  There may have been daisy-chain making too.

And I made this in-between - a felt tooth fairy pillow.  I didn't use a pattern, nor have I embroidered before so it's a little crooked and lumpy.  But it'll do the trick.  We don't have a tooth loss yet, but the time is coming close... thought it best to be prepared.


Dr. Powell said...

Is that box of Kimwipes??!?!

Dr. A said...

Yes, it's a box of kimwipes. Don't tell my last lab. I've been saving it .... If anyone has some manual pipetters and tips (5-10 mls preferably) they'd like to contribute to the McMiller Learning Labs, LLC, we'd greatly appreciate it ;O)

Dr. Powell said...

I'll definitely keep my eyes out for random things that might be useful!