Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I had just starting a bath for the girls when I notice Robin is being quiet. Very quiet.  I come into the kitchen and she's trying to scurry away, and is making her "I'm being sneaky" face. 

There's brown all around her mouth, and there's a wad of something brown and gooey in her mouth. 

Me: Robin, what do you have in your mouth? 
R: Nufin (mumbled through the crumbs of chocolate cake)
Me: Well, you're chewing something and you have brown all around your mouth.
R: (gulping down the last of the bite.  And by gulping down, I mean choking it down her throat. And opens her mouth to show me) See!  Nufin. 

Me: Mmmm hmmm. I see. 

Note to self: chocolate cake must be stored in a place higher than the reach of a child on top of the kitchen counter. 

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DanMartin said...

Bill Cosby has a whole routine on little ones, cookies, and chocolate cake. It's quite good.