Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sushi Party Tradition

Today was my birthday!  Woot.  We had many adventures during the day (stay tuned for that post) but tonight was the traditional "roll your own" sushi party.  We actually kept it pretty minimal and only did nigiri, with 3 types of fish. My folks came, and my wonderful Sister in law Dawn brought her two beautiful boys, C and K. 

Me slicing the tuna:

New this year, and going on regular rotation at Casa de McMiller was spring rolls.  You know, those yummy, fresh-tasting, tasty appetizer-ey things you get at Thai places?  We made peanut dipping sauce too.  These were (a) easy and (b) da bomb!  Really.  And very, very easy to make. OK, some are not so pretty but our mouths didn't notice. 

We got the cake at the bakery section of the Asian grocery store.  Chestnut.  Mmmmmm.  It was really light and tasty, sweet but not cloying. 

So, smart readers. How old am I?

Of course, the girls helped me blow out the candles. 

A great start to the new year, a great start to my new year. 

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