Monday, April 16, 2012

That kinda day

7:30 AM
Brian:  So far, I've had to explain what an acid is, what Hantavirus is, and why it's OK to kill animals sometimes.

9:00 AM
Ashleigh: The dryer is not working!  I checked the fuse box and it seems ok.  I can't figure it out.  Oh... wait.... what's this plug on the floor?

10:45 AM
Robin: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah -aaaah -ahhhhhh -ahhhhhh!  (reaction from getting whacked on the back of her head by the wooden swing seat)

7:45 PM
Erin: Waaaaaaaaaah!  Mooooooooooommmmmy!  Mooooooooooomy!  (up-too-late-had-too-much-sun-got-frustrated-right-before-bed-meltdown)

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