Friday, April 6, 2012

Snow Bunny

Today was a perfect day to enjoy some wintertime activities.  Never mind that it's April. Erin tried out skiing.  B & I learned it's often better to leave it to non-parents to help out with such projects.  Uncle Jim had her confidently shushing down the slopes in no time.  Methinks there is another McFeely skier on our hands. 

Robin didn't get a chance to ski, but she did learn that snow is fun, and especially delicious.  She ate nearly her body weight in snow today.

Then there was saucering.  I was fairly certain Erin would beg out of this, with the icy slopes and rocky landing (see below where the snow ended and the mud began).  Erin had no problem careening down as fast as she could, doing jumps, going sideways, and having a marvelous time.  I had to stop watching after awhile, as I had a hard time suppressing the nervous mother instinct, and I wanted her to have a wild, un"adult"erated time. 

Even an unfortunate collision with her cousin couldn't deter her.  

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Sharon and Matt said...

Please tell Erin that Aunt Sharon can't wait to hit the slopes with her!!