Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Erin's VIP day

Today Erin had a VIP day at her school.  It's normally supposed to co-incice with a birthday, but were we that put-together in October?  Nope. 

Grandpa, Grammy, Papa, Dad, Me, and Robin showed up.  She introduced us, said our real names, and said what she liked to do with us.  She made a poster and had to explain all the pictures on the poster.  Then she had to do all the helping jobs. 

I've known about the helping jobs for 2 years now.  There's line leader, snack helper, tapper, calendar, weather, and this year there's also song leader.  Line leader leads the children out to the playground.  Snack helper lays out napkins and cups.  Tapper taps each child, asking a question before they can go to snack.  Erin asked each child how to spell their first name.  Calendar is involved.  Erin had to read the day, the month, the year, and say it all in a row.  She had to count from 17 to 30 (the remaining days in the month), and follow a pattern of red-red-yellow-yellow to choose what color should go on the day.  Weather helper looks out of the window and selects two weather descriptions to fit in the sentence, "Today, the weather is ____ and ___. "  Weather helper must then read the entire sentence. Song leader selects a song and leads the class through it.  Erin chose "This Land is Your Land."

Erin performed all her tasks with confidence and eagerness. Before, she expressed concern that she would be sweaty from doing so many helping jobs.  But she was just fine.

All in all it was a 20 minute affair.  I think the first time I had to do a 20 minute presentation was in grad school.

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Christie said...

She looks so poised and elegant. What a great day!