Saturday, April 21, 2012

CalDays Adventure

Today was UC Berkeley "Cal Days" - a big open house featuring lots of fun events. We'd gone when Robin was teeny and Erin was about Robin's size.  It was hot and sunny, and the girls and Brian headed for their adventure day.

Riding the BART.

Robin transforms into a Kitty.

Erin explores the creek.  This was one of the highlights.  A entomologist grad student was down there, showing how to find bugs in dry leaves, catch and release water sliders, and other cool bug tricks.  The girls totally loved it. 

Touching a meteorite.  This was another highlight.  Robin told me, "I touched the black rock because it came down from the sky up up up and it was big."

Go Bears! Football season is getting closer! 

Pizza break. 

Daddy adventure days rock. 

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