Friday, September 24, 2010

Robin June 7 months

This month has been very busy for our littlest.  Last week she popped out her first tooth, and the second one is working its way through as we speak.  While we're excited about the new chompers, we're more excited about getting back to normal sleep.  Why, oh why, are little babies put through teething?

Other than the dental advances, Robin is very active in her babbling.  Sometimes it sounds like she really is saying words already.  Today she did her very first sign, "More" as in "mama, I really want more pancake, please."  That's the other big advance: food.  The kid is a champion eater.  She doesn't eat a ton, but she does well with most things we've presented to her.  And she's already past the purees, and rather prefers to gnaw at the hunks herself.  She's independent like that.  She continues to be incredibly engaged in play, and eagerly tries to figure things out, and figure out how to get her hands on whatever Erin is playing with.  Which is only fair since Erin is constantly trying to take whatever Robin is playing with.  Ahhhhh siblings.

Still no back-to-belly rolling, but the girl is darned close.  She's also scooting around and can do 360s on her belly and scoot backwards.  Then typically comes a high pitched screech as she expresses frustration at her body not getting her to where her mind wants her to go.

She's got an infectious laugh, a heart stopping smile, and has learned to give awesome, slobbery baby kisses.  We're totally smitten.


Christie said...

Seven months suits Robin. She's gorgeous. And rocks those leg warmers better than Jennifer Beals in Flashdance.

Christina said...

She is just gorgeous. That smile sure is a show stopper! Might I make a request for a video of the belly laugh? If possible to capture this on camera of course. She is so darn cute- safe to say we are all smitten!