Friday, August 6, 2010

Fashion Friday - Haircut!

Erin's second haircut was a roaring success.  Miss Karen cut and cut and cut. Thankfully, because it was getting quite knotted at the ends.  Then came the post-haircut primping, including three ponytails with bows, glitter in the hair, green stick-on earrings, a matching green necklace, a bracelet, a balloon (pink, of course), and a really big lollypop.

Ignoring the catsup all over her face, I think this picture makes Erin look older.  Sigh.


Shannon said...

but if you just look back to Wordless Wednesday, she's young again!!! also, look how pretty she is :)

JandC said...

I think she grew up overnight!

Sharon and Matt said...

She's gorgeous!