Monday, August 9, 2010

New Seat

We saw one of these in action by another family in Yosemite - they clipped it onto the picnic table and viola!  Instant camping high chair.  So of course, we had to get one for our little Robin.  It came today and the verdict is.... total win!

New Seat

A bit hard to tell from the photo, but we have it clipped onto our countertop.  Erin is in her Learning Tower.  The three of us did a "cooking show" (made some baked goods) and Robin laughed and chewed the measuring cups the entire time.  This is gonna be great.

Which brings me to the soap box portion of this blog post.  There's constantly new innovations in baby gear (and everything else too).  Most of the new products are unnecessary, but sometimes something comes along, such as this little seat, and it's just radtastic.  These probably were around when Erin was a baby, but we were unaware.  I know we'll get lots of use from this.  And for those people who are on the fence about having a second child (I'm tempted to post a link, but I'll respect your privacy.  You know who you are.) just think about the new, interesting, beautifully designed, wonderful things have been put on the market since your first little one was a baby. Just sayin'.  Shopping opportunities abound.


Amber said...

Dude, those have probably been around since WE were kids! Where have you guys been?? :) Do be careful though--I've seen lighter-weight tables tip over with babes in those seats. The countertop is perfect though (or you can push a chair in under the baby's bum).

Robin & Erin are getting so grown up... sigh.

Christie said...

Dude, Darr's going to read this and cringe. I have to second the radtastic sentiment. Yay for shopping! And baked goods, too.

Shannon said...

My friend Mindy had one of those and when we went for grown-up lunch, she simply brought the chair to the restaurant and her son could hang out with us and was nicely tucked in to the table.

Mr. and Dr. Powell said...

My little sister (10 years my younger) had one of those... I remembered it from all my days babysitting her. We promptly got one for Ev and it serves as our only high chair and we LOVE it!!