Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thank you, public television

Erin's Necklace

This week, I went to Portland for two days for work.  I left a two-year-old and came back to an eight-year-old.

In the following exchange, Erin is talking about a "Sid the Science Kid" episode we watched this morning about germs:

B: [big sneeze]
E: Hey, Dad, know what?
B: What's that, kiddo?
E: Remember Sid? He talk about germs, and you sneeze on your hands and get germs on them. 
B: [!!!]


Amber said...

Ha! Josie loves Sid as well. Sometimes she tells me what her "big idea" is.

Christie said...

We've got to start watching that one. Great shot of the beautiful Miss E.B., by the way.)