Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Robin at 9 weeks, Erin at 30 months, 2 weeks

Robin 9 weeks

New with Robin this week is batting/grabbing at toys.  Really, she probably would have been doing this earlier if we had actually gotten it together to get out the infant toys.  We finally did yesterday.  Putting Robin on the play mat for the first time, we watched her eyes light up with excitement.  She immediately grabbed the nearest dangly toy, gave it a jangly shake, turned to face it and gurgled with delight.  Must be the plight of the non-first-born: developmental milestones wait until the parents get their act together.

Sundaes on Sunday for Breakfast

New with Erin: not really new, just an update.  Erin's verbal skills continue to amaze us.  She tells long stories, has pronouns down pat, links lines of reasoning with "because," and so forth.  But she has two verbal trademarks that are too endearing not to share.  When she is delaying, she tells us she'll do something "In two minutes."  And when she wants to try something (like tasting the sugar, for the tenth time, that we've scooped into the muffin batter) she'll say, "just a little bittit."


Shannon said...

I would like to have a little bittit of the mountain of sweetness she's in front of!

Dr. A said...

She had that for breakfast last Sunday. Best. Parents. Ever.

Zozopdx said...

oh, irrepressible Erin!! we miss you! hope to meet that baby sister soon!

Kathleen said...

that sundae is INSANE

Christie said...

Great pics, mama! There is something completely irresistible about baby cheeks, I swear. And I'm thinking you got yourself another blue-eyed baby as well.

Where can I get me one of those sundaes?

The kids continue to be on similar paths, albeit Huck's on the slower verbal one. He does, however repeatedly request "just a bite" whenever mama is baking in the kitchen.

Uncle Jim said...

Fentons for breakfast, yum.
Breakfast of Champions.

Christina said...

No doubt best parents ever!! That sundae is enormous! The girls are just to die for. Not sure if I would rather nose dive into that sundae or into Robins glorious cheeks!!!
And the plight of the non-first born...hilarious, and probably very true! Glad to see the girls are well. Miss you all!