Monday, September 10, 2007

Best Shelf Ever.

30 years ago such a shelf would be used to prop martinis. While an appealing thought, the ice cream has the secondary benefit of slightly cooling the top of the tummy while simultaneously providing easy-to-reach access to creamy goodness.

Silliness aside, this "confinement" has been anything but; no complications, very little aches or discomfort, and lots of appreciation for the warm, happy feelings that accompany highly elevated progesterone levels. By far the best thing has been to watch B's excitement grow in proportion to the belly- his exemplary participation in all preparations serve to augment already glowing happiness. We'll revisit this topic after the first three weeks into the sleep-deprivation study soon to commence.

1 comment:

Zatoichi said...

Enjoy the shelf while it lasts! Soon it will be a wiggly baby. And you know what that means! No bowls on baby.

Ms. A: You look great!

Mr. B: More demolition videos now, comrade!

Seriously: You guys have a great blog going here. Terrific writing. Warm sentiment. A++

P.S. Offgassing. So that's what that is called! Dang that stinky Graco Pack 'n' play.

P.P.S. Good luck with the car seat installation!