Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ashleigh the Sledgehammerer

For those of you waiting for pictures of someone, say Brian, with a shard of wood embedded in his face,
we've come to our senses and decided to demolish the kitchen sometime after the baby is born. Radical, forward-looking ideas being bandied about here at the McMiller house, I know.

The reason is that the start date for the remodel continues to be pushed out. No sense losing a kitchen unless we know that the reconstruction is right around the corner.

It would have been nice to complete our work (just the demo) before the baby came. However, the funny thing is that I get the feeling Ashleigh's glad we're doing the demo post-baby, simply because she wants to wield her own sledgehammer. You've got to admire that. :)

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christie said...

Pictures and videos, if you please.