Sunday, March 24, 2013

Oakland Half and Kids Run, 2013 style

Brian and the girls did a race this morning, the Oakland Running Festival. Brian did the half marathon. (!) The kids did the "fun run" - a quick 150 yard dash past roaring crowds and the big finish line. The Oakland Raiders cheerleaders were there, the kids got a space blanket, t-shirt, snacks, and a medal. And total bragging rights.

Brian ran really well.  He kept a super even pace, looked easy and comfortable the whole time, and got to draft behind this guy for the last 3 miles.

All in all a fun, well-organized race.  Nice work, Oakland!

Of course there were pictures:

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Dr. Powell said...

Awesome! I love this kids run thing!

Dr. Powell said...

...Also, is Brian wearing spandex? :-/

Brian said...

I assure you they are regular shorts, they're just grossly sweaty.

Maybe I'll be rocking the spandex in the next race. Time will tell.

Dr. Powell said...