Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Davis Dadventure™

Last weekend the girls I and got out of town on the train and headed to Davis for a night.  Great town.

Many thanks to Dr. A for financing the operation.

If you see a photo below that looks like the kids are having melted leftover ice cream for breakfast, well, that's what it is.

Waiting for the train
Getting ready to go on the train

On the aforementioned train
On the train!

It's a redwood forest in the central valley, of course
 Redwood forest in Davis?

Rock climbers under I-80
Under I-80

Hamming it up by the pool
Pool time

KFC, baby!
KFC dinner

Ice cream treat
Enjoying our melted ice cream breakfast

Saying goodbye to the train


Darren said...

Dadventure. Classic.

Abcdpdx said...

it's so sunny there!