Monday, November 5, 2012

17 years

That's right.  Brian and I have officially been together for 17 years.  Wow.

We celebrated by getting a sitter (Awesome Anna!) and took BART to Lake Merritt in Oaktown for some walking. Brian took more pictures than me, so hopefully he can post more.  We walked around the botanical gardens, checked out a bonsai garden (some of the specimins are older than me!!!), did some paddle boating, then walked back around the lake for a quick cocktail, hightailed it back to BART and had a lovely time.  Can't think of a better way of celebrating our first 17 years than a long stroll, hand-in-hand, in perfect fall weather.

He's silly! 
Silly pants

He's handsome!!

Paddle boat

He learns about the Oakland Scottish Rite Center and all the intricacies of the Freemasons at the bar.  

Wikipedia at the bar

Happy 17 years, Mr. B.  I promise the next 17 will be even more fun!


Sharon and Matt said...

17 is my lucky number!! Love to you both!!!

John Judy said...