Thursday, December 8, 2011

I gotta say, today was a good day

We brought out the camera a bunch of times today, so thought it would be fun to give a few snapshots of our day today. 

Erin, 8:30 AM.  Dressed in a hand-smocked Nutcracker dress (thanks Grammie), with LOTS of Mardi Gras beads, playing air-drums along to her favorite holiday song, "Santa Baby".

Robin, 10:30 AM, after begging for stick-on-earrings, not quite sure about the whole thing.

Erin, Robin and Erin's classmates N and L, 2:15 PM playing "surfing" off of Brian and my bed.

Robin, 6:00 PM, finds something sharp and pointy on the stroller.  

Brian and Erin, 6:30 PM, making "Erin Soup" for dinner.  Good way to end the day.



Dr. A said...

Looking at the pictures I just posted the viewer might be worried we never dress Robin. She is known to occasionally wear clothes, but in photo 1 she was eating lunch (you can see the chill all over) and in picture 2 we were getting ready for bath. She does love to do a little back-and-forth dance and chant, "Naked, naked naaaaa-kid!" when her clothes are removed.

Zozopdx said...

those are awesome!!! Erin looks so much like Dr. A in that first photo!

Dr. Powell said...


Jenna said...

Yes, and Robin looks like every McFeely that ever was with that little frowny face!

Christie said...

Two thumbs up for parental bed surfing!

Also, a big OUCH shout out to Miss Robin. No more finding pointy things.

Darren said...


Kathleen said...

just awesome