Monday, November 28, 2011

It's gonna be a long week

 Brian left last night for a week long training in PDX. This is the longest he's been away since Robin has been born, and the second longest time he's been gone since Erin was born.

But.... he's thoughtfully set me up with so many playdates and outings at grandparents/cousins houses that we will be reeeeaaaaally busy.

Also he left this:

a present for each girl, for each day.  That's 12 presents people!

Brian is an awesome Dad.

And he also got a present for Mommy each day: 

I love this man. 

This week might go faster than I think. 


amycs said...

He must be spending his week with Lindsey. I wish you could have come to Portland with him!

Dr. A said...

Amy, we looked into it, but it got too complicated with all the holiday activities already in gear. We'll be coming up for SKO. Hope to see you then!

Kathleen said...

that is really sweet

P and B said...

wow. i love the gift idea. what a sweet daddy.

cjkuehl said...

The Steel Reserve cracks me up! Good work, Brian!