Thursday, June 16, 2011

Robin June 15 months!

Robin had her 15 month check up a few weeks ago, and thought I should get this posted before she turns 16 months!

Robin in the pool

Robin June 15 months stats:
Weight: 22 lbs, 14 oz; 50%
Height: 31 1/8"; 75%


What's new in Robin's world? She's emerged from the squishy infant larval stage into full blown toddler.

Robin sips

She is talking up a storm, from the moment she gets up, "It's a blankie" (and holds up her blankie) "Mouth! Eyes! Tongue! Teeth! Nose!" (as she pokes at my face). Ask her a question and you'll get, "No." or "Yeah" accompanied with a belly bounce. She loves playing pretend and anything can be a phone on which she calls her grandparents. She is sad when anyone leaves the house but is desperately sad when it's Mom, Dad or Erin. She throws tantrums, or now that we know what full-blown, knock-down, drag-out tantrums are like, throws cute little toddler tantrums. Usually involving Otter pops.


She's energetic, she still loves highly seasoned food. She now has two molars but still has two molars and 4 canines to go. She tells jokes. She sings all the time, ABC and Happy Birthday being her two favorites. She loves books, especially those with bugs in them. All in all she's a pretty cool person. It's so fun watching the girl emerge.

Robin in green


Shannon said...

so cute. She is rocking that jean skirt.

Sharon and Matt said...

Love her!!!

JandC said...

So darn cute!

P and B said...

We never realized how much she looks like Brian. Sounds like she's pretty spunky too. (Our 17 month old is already throwing tantrums as well). What a little cutie!