Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Slice of PDX comes to Orinda

We had our first official visitors last week!!!!  These guys braved the long, overnight drive to sleep on our fancy Ikea sofa bed for a few nights.

Friends enjoying the evening

I didn't get all that many pictures, but since Christie is basically an unpaid professional photographer at this point, she took over that job.

Dance Party!

We smooshed three car seats into the Prius and set off for adventures, checking out the Oakland Zoo, the California Academy of Sciences, and the local pool. We ate some good burgers, bacon, prosciutto,  pork. There was a lot of meat. And there was lots of talking, kid wrangling, catching up and fun. And one round of preschooler-toddler soccer:

Thanks for the great visit, Darren, Christie and Henry!   Now it's official: hotel McMiller Orinda is open for business!



Mary said...

Fun! We need to visit...does the hotel accept rowdy parties of 5?

Shannon said...

great pictures!

Brian said...

@Mary: we *require* rowdiness.

Zozopdx said...

oh man!!! how fun!!!!

Christie said...

Thanks for having us! Hope to see you soon!