Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pronunciation II

Some more Erin words I'm gonna miss when they're gone:


Flosso (dental floss)

Incher (ruler)




Incadinca gas (Incandescent gas)

Peanuts (we'll let the reader translate this one)


take my privacy/doing my privacy (as in, when she's using the big potty)


Amber said...

I love this... so cute! I might have to steal this idea because I can tell that some of Josie's best (mis)pronunciations are not long for this world.

Zozopdx said...

I still miss "gw-pen" ("penguin" and "puh-sigh" ("spy, as in "I spy")

Christie said...

Incandescent gas?! I guess when your mom's a doc you get introduced to all kinds of cool words. (I, too, may have to steal this idea but it'll be littered with all the mispronounced curse words Hen hears and repeats when I'm behind the wheel of the car.)

An Observer Of Souls said...

I know this one is very obivous but Friday night at dinner my 5 year old granddaughter included in her prayer at dinner a request for her brother Cole, who is 19.

"...and please, God, help my Cole stop cigaretting."

Excellent blog!