Sunday, October 31, 2010

McMillers rock PDX

It was high time the McMillers visited the old homestead, so we packed it up and took a long weekend trip up.  We had a fantastic time with all the old gang, celebrated a big birthday of a dear friend, got to meet one handsome new little guy, introduced our newest little lady, were treated to amazing stick-to-yer-ribs food, visited old stomping grounds, enjoyed the rain, the food, and most of all the friends.

Sadly, we did not get enough pictures.  But you can see some here.  And here.  And there will be movies soon, I promise.

Here's the few good picts we did manage to get:

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Shannon said...

Robin, I think that piece of pizza is bigger than you.

Brian said...

Shannon is referring to a now-deleted photo of me and the girls in our underpants, eating pizza. No one should have to see me eat, let alone in my underpants.

Mary said...

Miss you guys already!

Christina said...

Great photos! Love seeing all the kids getting bigger and having fun with one another. And I see, although RJ never lived in PDX, she's got it in her- loving the rain!

Zozopdx said...

Anneke was talking about going to see Erin tonight!!!