Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Robin, 3 months/13 weeks

Robin is officially out of her fourth trimester.  A miraculous transformation occurs at just about 13 weeks or 3 months.  Babies start waking up, start observing the world, start engaging.  Robin has all of this going for her and more. She is joyful, pudgy, intrigued by her surroundings, and always desires to talk to whomever will look her way.  She is a charmer for sure.

Her 3 month picture:

Robin 3 months

Her 13 week picture:

Robin, 13 weeks


Christie said...

I'm completely and totally charmed! What a cutie!

Christina said...

Yup! She got me! Can't wait to meet her!!!

D said...

I do declare that she's trying to give me an internet high five in her 13 week picture. Maybe she and I can practice on Skype?

P and B said...