Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dad's first Family Circus moment

Old Car

Driving back from taking Erin to see "Oceans" today, her first movie seen in a movie theater, with the windows rolled down:

B: "Hey E, what are you doing?"
E: "I'm taking a shower."
B: "What?"
E: "I'm taking a shower with the wind."

Hi, Bil Keane.


Zozopdx said...

I'm dying to see that movie! Dave gets very angry when I trick him in to reading Family Circus.

Christie said...

Awesome! I gotta take Henry to go and see that one. Did she like it?

Brian said...

Erin did awesome -- she sat on my lap for over an hour, completely silent, munching on popcorn, with her giant blue ear muffs, watching everything in the ocean eat every other thing in the ocean.

Darren said...

That's so awesome. A wind shower. Although when I say "wind shower" people will probably think it's gonna be stinky.


Mary said...

Family Circus. Grrrrrr.

Ear muffs? What are all these EXTREMELY LOUD EVENTS you attend?