Thursday, May 6, 2010

Erin's knocking out the milestones

Two recent advances in Erin's life this week.

1. (Warning to the 16-year-old Erin.  Sorry Kiddo.  I know this is probably mortifying for you but I had to share.)  Erin went to preschool 3 days this week in BIG GIRL UNDERPANTS!!!!  Woot.  No accidents (yet).

2. Erin had her first haircut today. For those of you in the know, Erin is very protective of her scalp.  She loathes the hair combing process and the hair washing procedures are so traumatic (for us) that it rarely occurs. So it was with great apprehension and much delay that we took her to get her first ever haircut.  But the nappies were out of control.

First haircut

She did great!  Didn't even whimper.  Thanks to the amazing haircutter Erin was kept entertained the entire time and even got primped up to a super-girly extreme, including pigtails, bows, earrings*, necklace, glitter in the hair, a balloon, and a lollipop. The post-cut proceedings took longer than the actual haircut.  Ms. Karen leaves no distraction/reward avenue unexplored.

The new haircut

Again, Erin looks, to her parents, that she is 2 1/2, going on 18.

Erin strikes a pose

* They were fake stick-on earrings.  The ear piercing privilege is solemnly reserved for Auntie Dr. Tina.  


Shannon said...

OMG, is prom next?

Christie said...

She looks amazing! Has she started asking for the car keys yet?

Christina said...

I am melting in my seat at the library! OH. MY. GOD. Doesn't get ANY cuter. The pig tails are to die for and I have to give her props for sitting through the whole thing! Well done fancy girl! The earrings are gorgeous!!! In due time we will make them real ones...IF she so chooses! What a beauty you have there :)

Kathleen said...

soooo cute!! so glad it went well!

Dr. A said...

She does, actually, love to drive the car. Of course, it's parked. With no keys. But she can spend a long time pretending.

Zozopdx said...

as the granddaughter of the sole proprietor of Margie's Beauty Shop, let me say I am very impressed with Erin's first haircut comportment.