Tuesday, March 2, 2010

U2 Review

Listening to U2 today in the car:

B: Hey E, can you say "U2"?
E: U... 2!
B: Good, this is Bono singing.  What do you think?
E: [thinking].  I don't like that guy!

Before Greg flies out to correct Erin, this occurred later:

B: So what do you think, kiddo?
E: Bon-oh is gooooood!


Zozopdx said...

omg, am I the only person who finds Bono insufferable? don't believe the hype, E!

Kathleen said...

those are fighting words

Mary said...

Caroline, I don't really care one way or another but Matt is on your team. And I must say, you and Matt both tend to have really good taste in music so I might have to join. Sorry, B&E!

Darren said...

Sounds like personal growth to me.

Greg said...

you can lead a horse to water...