Thursday, February 4, 2010

Toilets A-Flushin'!

We're back in, uh, business, so to speak. Yay!

A small army of people arrived this morning, dug out a hole on the house side, finished digging out the hole by the street, then pulled a new semi-rigid plastic pipe through the existing clay pipe, expanding and breaking up the old pipe as it went. Magic.

Here's the giant hole of poo that I dug out on Saturday (I blurred the worker's face):

Here's the hole they dug by the front porch, with the new pipe part-way through:

Here's the 65-foot pipe on its way in.

Here's me and Erin reveling in the awesomeness that is indoor plumbing:


Christie said...

Welcome to the 19th century! (link:

JandC said...

Your smiles say it all!!! Aloha!

P and B said...

And all taken care of before little tba arrives. You guys are troopers!

Kathleen said...

yay for Sir Thomas Crapper

hope this has given E a new appreciation for the beauty of the toilet!!!

Amber said...