Monday, February 1, 2010

Sewer Update

Neighborhood: still stinky
Water: still off
Landscaping: receiving a lot of pee.  Sorry, daffodils
Contractors: bids received, one chosen, work to begin Thursday morning
First shower scheduled for: Thursday evening.  Wahooty!

Here's a shot of me from Saturday, two hours into my five hour effort, repairing a tear in my suit.  If that looks like a lot of sewage, imagine what hour five looked like.  Imagine what it smelled like.  Or, probably better, don't.


Jenna said...

I echo a comment from an earlier post....some things are worth paying others to do. Thank God the Domestic Engineer was able to arrange for a sewer repair solution!!!

Sara said...

If there's no water, how did B clean the poo off himself?

John Judy said...

I guess you could say Brian (*puts on sunglasses*) knows his sh*t.


Dr. A said...

Sara, B's oldest brother & family live about 1 mile from here. And we know how to break in ;)

Kathleen said...