Friday, July 3, 2009

Timothy Lake

We escaped the hot temperatures in Portland today to take a hike to Timothy Lake.

We had kept Erin up two hours late last night, and Ms A and I were up at 4 AM due to our kitties crying in the middle of the night due to the fan we had on ("You're fine, kitty, go to bed. Or I'm going to make a hat out of you. I'm serious. Don't make me do it."), so there was a good deal of groggy stumbling, plus napping in the car.

Anywho, we got free Smokey the Bear stuff from the ranger, saw the incredibly clear water of Little Crater Lake, picnicked in the woods, killed many, many mosquitoes, and took a swim in Timothy Lake. The water was perfect -- I haven't heard Erin laugh as hard as I did today swimming with her.

McMiller Rating: Awesome+.


Christie said...

That looks awesome! Did you guys do the whole loop? Does Erin like riding along in the backpack or prefer hiking on her own or a little bit o' both?

MissMVK said...

I love all the pictures! Awesome. Isn't Oregon awesome? Are you sure you want to move... :) I ask GK every single day if you have left yet. I am sad!

Annie Powell, not yet PhD said...

What a GREAT family pic! We'll miss you guys! I'm so glad I'll get to keep up with you and all these cute family pics here!!

Kathleen said...

oh man did our cats Freak Out when we brought home the fan during the last heat wave.