Friday, July 31, 2009

Big Girl Blankie

Erin got to go to a store today to pick out a new big girl blanket for herself. She was excited and we spent a great deal of time choosing. She went back to the display 6 or so times to be certain she picked the right one.

Here is her first test run, just before dinner, after everything had been washed. She was so excited she wanted to go to bed without dinner.

And tonight, she put herself to bed. This is huge, people.

We also picked up a bed rail for when we make the next move - to the big girl bed. But we're taking one thing at a time.

Update: It's nearly 8 AM and she's still sleeping. This is also a first. Although she had a bad dream around 2, the blanket purchase seems to have been an excellent idea. Here's her cuddling her blankets as I type:


Zozopdx said...

very jealous of the putting herself to bed thing.

Christina said...

Again. I am melting! She has a love for the sleepy time! I can relate!

Christie said...

Yay! Babies that put themselves to bed are AWESOME.

Sara said...

I am *so* excited for you - you guys deserved a great night of sleep. What time did she put herself to bed at? the looks soooo cozy.

Amber said...

I'm just shocked that she was still asleep at 8am and you risked it all by sneaking in to take her picture. There's always a part of me that wants to check on my kids when they sleep later than normal (to make sure they didn't die or weren't kidnapped in the night) but I just want to savor those few moments of quiet. I certainly hope this string of most excellent bedtime practices continues for you all!