Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pool Party!

Lafayette Apartment Pool

Dr. A, Erin, and I are just back from the pool. It was sweet!

Instead of creepy people, there were totally normal people. Lots of kids, maybe seven families. We all got to meet people, and Erin liked jumping from the edge of the pool into my arms. I guess that's how we parents roll on Saturday night in Lafayette, yo.

OK, Lafayette, you've won this round.

p.s. Erin pooped twice in two hours while swimming. Twice. Three swim diapers, people.


Lucca Blue Del Frate said...

i hear you about the poop. there have been days (not newborn days, toddler days) when lucca pooped 6 times. what?!?! kids!
and, i am in love with erin's sweet red curls.

Christie said...

Well, per your previous post you have landed and now, well, Erin has pooed. Twice.

Dr. A said...

The pool seems to be poopagenic. Three pool days in a row.

p.s. if you google poopagenic, all you get is this blog. Surely that word is more common?

Amber said...

I had to put that to the test and sure enough, it's actually true. You're like internet celebrities.