Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Friday Evening Picnic

Last Friday we picnicked at Sellwood Park and then walked down to Oaks Bottom for some natural splendor, shenanigans, and bee-watching.


Oh, and did I mention leap-frogging?


And LOOK! It's like our first photo with the three of us in like, you know, FOREVER. Thank you for taking our picture, stranger with the goofy-looking dogs!

Oaks Bottom


Amber said...

Based on the look on Erin's face, I can almost hear her now: "Man, those are goofy-looking dogs." I hope your new photographer friend doesn't read your blog. :)

Christie said...

Leap-frogging is the most awesome toddler skill to acquire. Oaks Bottom has some cool creatures lurking about. I hope you saw some during your shenanigans. Great family pic, by the way. :)

Zozopdx said...

what a beautiful family. seriously!

Zatoichi said...

I love that family portrait. Where would we be without strangers goofy-looking dogs?