Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cheetah yet again

Brian ran his 4th marathon this weekend - the inaugural Seattle Rock and Roll Marathon. He did amazing - not only did he have a PR at 3:37:30, but he maintained an excellent pace the entire race, achieving his first negative split. He was in the top 9% overall and 18% for his division. Not only that but he somehow managed to get on the front page of the Seattle Times this morning. I'm not kidding. It's a bit of a Where's Waldo, but he's there right under the start banner.

Found him yet?

Still can't find him? Here's a cropped picture:

Brian is, indeed, a cheetah.


Christie said...

I found him! I found him! (And I didn't even need the cropped picture, although viewing that did confirm I was correct.) What'd I win?

Congrats, Brian. You are not only a cheetah, you are the cheetah.

Ms. A said...

you win 5 tokens to this years Brew Fest!

Anyone else?

Sharon and Matt said...

Run, Brian, Run!! Great job!!!

Zatoichi said...

So small, yet so fast. That's my boy!

Christina said...

AMAZING! You are my running hero B!

amycs said...

3:37?!? OMG. I am in awe. You are like a god, Mr. McMiller, a speedy god.

Kathleen said...

a stealth cheetah!!

actually he wasn't that hard to find.

congrats on the awesome race. yanno I hear there's a marathon in Honolulu in December....

Annie Powell, not yet PhD said...

Wow! Nice job Brian!
So, what can we expect next... Boston qualifier?