Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sham Rockin' 2009

This morning Erin, Ash, and I met Christie and Henry for the Shamrock Run, which is an enormous event with something like a bajillion participants.

The little tykes ran-slash-were-carried for the 1K Leprechaun Lap, which they surprisingly enjoyed, given the wind and the rain and the loudspeaker and their adoring fans cheering from the course sidelines.

I kissed my ladies goodbye as they went for warmth and pancake-y sustenance, then I started the 45-minute wait for my 15k to begin. The rain was coming down so hard and so cold I had to queue up ol' reliable on the mental iPod just to keep myself psyched waiting for the race to start. Not a good sign to have to pull out my trump card even before I started running.

Even though Erin pulled her usual I'm-Erin-And-Psychic-And-I-Know-You-Have-A-Race-Tomorrow shtick of two hours crying in the middle of the night, I felt strong and finished 1:10:33. Seriously, this kid has powers -- the last time she was up at night and inconsolable was before the Hagg Lake run last month. I'm like, "Um, Erin, can we negotiate some other schedule? I'll trade you Sunday night for Saturday -- deal?"

The weather was pretty crazy. For about thirty minutes the rain was coming down sideways. I had to take off my hat so it didn't blow off my head -- I saw quite a few people running the wrong way on the course chasing after a hat (and one poor guy who somehow managed to lose his bib). The volunteers keeping cars off the course looked completely soaked. Sort of a heroic job to do on this particular day.


Christina said...

That is the cutest thing ever!!! With their little numbers! Love how Erin was wearing her adidas track suit to race in...she's so stylish :)
Mad props Brian for running in the crappy weather!!

Annie Powell, not yet PhD said...

Nice race time, daddy-o. I love that "Erin McFeely" comes up in the race results! Female, Age: 1. She even has a bib number! So cute!

JandC said...

OK, so I'm crying on this one. How cute can you get. And B...WOW!

Sharon and Matt said...

Go Erin! (and Henry, too!)

I love it. She'll be doing marathons just like Mom and Dad in no time.

Shannon said...

this makes me wish I would have run the race. I went out running that morning and it was crazy!

Christie said...

What a great video! Thanks for lugging the wagon down. I'm not quite sure why Henry was not in the mood for a ride. And congrats to Miss E.B. for a race well run/walked/toddled!