Friday, March 6, 2009

Look-alike Meter

MissMVK posted this awesome link.  In case you were really wondering who is the parent of your child, let the best in face-matching technology answer it.  

Of course Ms. A is a total nerd, so she couldn't just stop at that.  She had to do an experiment.  

As a brand-spankin new freshie (1 hour old):

At 6 months: 

At 16 months:

This made Ms. A suspicious. So she decided to try another route to test the fidelity and robustness of the system. Lo and behold:



Sara said...

Holy crap. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I have got to do that.

Crabby Amy said...

kick a&& that's awsome!!!! :)

Christie said...

Dick Cheney. That's hilarious! And very scientific of you. :)