Thursday, September 18, 2008

Call me a curmudgeon

Earlier this week I bought 4 apples for about $6.  On the same trip I bought 6 candy bars for $2. (I really like candy.) How is this possible? A gallon of milk: $7.  Two 2-liters of coke: $2.50.  Comparing calories the value is with the coke and snickers.  Comparing nutrition, the milk and apples.  But please someone* tell me the basic economics going on here?  Never mind the subtle and not so subtle health and social implications. 

* Yes, I've read all Michael Pollan has to say so I do know the answer.  I'm completely flabbergasted nonetheless.

While we're on the topic of despicable things,  there's this.  More here.   What is wrong with people?  There has to be a separate level of hell for people who would intentionally poison babes to make a buck.  Sick. 


Christie said...

I know! I spent $50 on one bag o' groceries. ONE BAG, people!

Zozopdx said...

I didn't click on the hyperlinks, but I'm assuming this is referring to the tainted baby formula. seriously, right, about the level of hell? I swear, I'm becoming one of those paranoid-about-chemicals moms for this very reason. and I really find those moms annoying. but I'm becoming one of them.
it's really bad when you come out of Fred Meyer feeling like you just shopped at New Seasons.