Monday, August 4, 2008

Blueberry Picking

Dave and Anneke joined Ash, Erin and me berry picking at Sauvie Island yesterday morning.

Picking Blueberries

Bleckmanns Picking Blueberries

Let the pie-making begin!


Christie said...

Call me when you let the pie-eating begin!

John Judy said...

AND ME! God, I love pie.

Maybe Erin and I can have a play date. We'll do some squats, then shrugs... and finish off with some good old fashioned skull crushers.

Then, a protein shake and some pie!!!

Finally, a nap... or maybe some coloring.


Brian said...

Don't forget poopin' in your pants!

"Makin' a squishy" as we say in McMiller parlance.

Ms. A said...

John, you might have just met your match: Erin can do push-ups for 1/2 hour straight.

That kid.

Ms. A said...

... oh, and Erin ate so many blueberries. Just an astounding amount of berries. The comment to Brian was, "she'll stop eating when she gets full, right?"

Just glad the farmers didn't weigh her before/after.