Monday, December 24, 2007

It only took two months.

Many, many, many thanks to those over at the condo for helping us to remember what it's like to be social creatures. Delicious lingering multi-course dinner, excellent conversation, fantastic ice wine.... all while having fun with two little cuddle monkeys (this refers to the babies, not the kitties, although they were fairly cuddly too). 

Erin and Henry got along famously and Lil' H was very generous in sharing his toys, changing table (used about 5 times in one evening) and spare clothing.  If you, gentle reader, are intending to reproduce I strongly recommend timing it so that you give birth within days of another couple.  That way when you want to get together for a dinner, you have someone else with a baby at nearly the same stage.  No more awkwardness as the critters cry for milk every half-hour or decide to explode in their trousers while the moms and dads are enjoying their appetizers.  It's all part of normal life! 

 For those who are interested in going go chocolate heaven, try these Chocolate Baby Cakes.  Note: when putting them in the oven directly from the fridge, add 3 min. or so to the baking time.  Although if you don't the resulting soup is still tasty as Mr. D can attest.  They go especially well with homemade vanilla ice cream (props to Ms. C!)


Caroline said...

I read this, and all I could think was, mmmm, ice wine. why don't I have some ice wine? oh yeah....

christie said...

It is shameful to admit we gave that recipe a try. And yes, we made the full recipe so we'd have leftovers.