Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Miracle: 650 Miles in 13 Hours

Road Trip!
We've arrived!  We've traveled to the San Francisco Bay Area to see family for Christmas.  We packed up the car last night, awoke at 3am, fed Erin, put her in her carseat, and then headed south.  Ms. A and I had these nightmares that Erin would be extremely unhappy about being in the car for 12+ hours, but she was a total champ. She slept until almost the Oregon border, then slept for long stretches after that -- she probably slept for 9 of the 13 hours.  And she slept like a super-champ last night, too.  I'm sure fate will make us pay of this karma debt at some point, but for right now we're just enjoying our good fortune.

In-Flight Entertainment
We hadbeautiful weather -- clear skies, snow over the pass, and dry roads.  A very pretty day for a drive.  We loaded up the iPod that Ms. A got me for Christmas with all the NPR podcasts we could get our grubby hands on.  The special treat we had in the morning was listening to podcasts of Bob Edward's show from XM.  Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne, I'm sure you're nice people and all, but man, you sure are no Bob Edwards.  Especially you, Steve.  You're a stinker.  Just report the news.  Don't try to be clever.

Disco Party
When Erin was awake, we rocked out at Club Nano.  I think the White Stripes was Erin's favorite:

Miles: 654
Time: 12:34:22
Hours Erin spent sleeping: 9
Feedings: 4
Times Erin went pee: 5
Times Brian went pee: 7+ 


Zatoichi said...

I, too, really miss Bob Edwards.
Sam and I also really miss you!

Caroline said...

Merry 1st Christmas, Erin!!