Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Good Dental Hygiene

Today E had one of two fillings done for cavities*.

Erin was a total champ.  I was a total wreck. I couldn't take pictures of the procedure, due to privacy concerns, but let me tell you friends she was amazing.  She had a large orange-colored nose piece through which she received happy vapors.  She was shown all the instruments, was told a description of each and given a brief demonstration.  The assistant held her hand throughout the entire procedure.  She came out of it looking forward to the next filling.

She couldn't eat for about 2 hours afterwards, and it was nearing lunch time.  So I got her a milk shake. A big one.  She finished about half. 

The tooth had been bothering her for awhile, so I am very glad it was fixed.  And I asked, only half joking, if they would accept adult patients.  No dice, it's pediatric only. Bummer. All dentists should be this patient-centric**.

*Yes, we brush.  No, apparently not as well as we should.  And we have been kind of slack in the floss department.  These are all things that have changed. 
** I'm sure most of them are, I've just had some bad luck. 


Abcdpdx said...

we are such flossing slackers! it's so hard, because Anneke hates it! glad Erin was such a trouper AND that the dentist was so awesome. need to be better about it, especially since WE DON'T HAVE FLUORIDE IN OUR WATER in case you haven't heard.

Christie said...

Agreed, flossing sucks. Sounds like Miss E was a champ and like mom deserves a drink.

Sharon and Matt said...

Erin is a champ!!!

Check out these when you get a chance, as something that might make flossing more fun:


(I even got myself a pair b/c I'm the worse culprit of not flossing! They work like a charm!)