Monday, April 29, 2013

Lands End

A hike! We went on a hike! In San Francisco!

It was short and sweet, B was cold, the girls ate tons, and we met native San Franciscians who were kind of sad we were from only about 20 miles away. They were hoping to see "real" tourists. 

Erin loved spying on the scuba class in the inlet.

Tons of fun trees to climb.

Robin used the monocular to find our new home.  We're moving in Sunday after next.  


Christie said...

Nice digs. So, um, do you need houseguests who come and live with you forever? Because we could do that.

Dr. Powell said...

Wait. Is this for real-sies?
No, really.
Someone must tell me.
No, really.

Dr. A said...

Well, if we bought that house we'd have you all live with us, because we wouldn't be able to buy food ;)

Abcdpdx said...

what Christie said.

Darren said...

Ah, the elusive tourist in SF. Better luck next time, natives.